Building the future

The SealValue® Story

Industry defining expertise and experience

SealValue®, established in 1975, has more than 43 Years experience in protecting industries against theft, pilfer and transit damages. Working closely with customers, we have acquired the knowledge of how to minimize losses and protect sensitive information. 

A global footprint

After humble beginnings in Helsinki, Finland, we have grown into a network of over 150 distributing partners, serving thousands of customers all over the world. Today SealValue® headquartered in Singapore and has production plants operating in Singapore, Tallinn Estonia(EU), St. Petersburg Russia(CIS).  


High volume and fully automated production guarantees not only stable quality but also enables us to offer our customers the best value in the industry. Our value proposition is based on great design combined with extreme automation to bring the costs down. 

Ultimate R&D

” Quality Cost Efficient Solutions” is what the SealValue® R&D team is all about. Industrial robots and automation is key and our team has access to the best technology available. From the first idea concept to the finished robotic production line, everything is done in-house. The result for our partners is affordability, efficiency, quality and short lead-times.

Our Customer service specialists

Our consultants are experienced experts in their field and our customers best friends. Their experience enables them to provide the best recommendations on how to achieve the results customers are aiming for in the cheapest way possible. They will go the extra mile for you and provide the kind of service that SealValue® is all about.

Become our partner today. We trade honestly and truly believe in long-term stable partnerships over short-term profit seeking.

Best regards,

Tomas Lindqvist
CEO SealValue Group of Companies



50 Ubi Avenue 3, #05-11,
Frontier, Singapore 408866